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From McAllen, TX — 09/04/2008

I am currently a dog trainer at PetSmart and have been for over 1 year now. I have read all the responses and have to say that I am quite happy at PetSmart. A lot of you that have "vented" are immature and have very bad grammar. I am 30 years old, have 2 college degrees and work full time at a college. I took the pet training gig becuase of my love for dogs.

One thing that I will say that is negative about PetSmart is that their training for dog trainers is horrible!! It was completely different than what I thought it would be like. Their training is basically just you observing the area trainer. You might as well read a book about dog training and you would be better off that way.

RESPECT: All the managers respect me. Never had a problem with them.
BENEFITS: Since I am part-time, the benefits don't affect me, but I do get frequent post cards in the mail encouraging me to take part in their benefits plan, even for part-timers.
JOB SECURITY: I feel 100% secure with my job. The store manager even told me before I got hired, that he would like for me to stay "a long while". Apparently their pervious turnouver ratio was bad and management was looking to hire a pet trainer for the long-term.
WORK/LIFE BALANCE: I love it! As a pet trainer, I get to make my own schedule. I clock in, teach class, and when class is over, I clock out.
CAREER POTENTIAL/GROWTH: I would say the potential for career growth is there, but mostly for the full-timers. The other pet trainer that I work with told me that he wanted to work full-time, but he did not want to because he would have been asked to restock shelves or work the cash register when he wasn't training. To me, that's just being lazy.
LOCATION: Excellent location. The PetSmart that I work at is 10 minutes either way from my house or my full-time job at the college.
CO-WORKER COMPETENCE: In this area, I would have to say that 99% of my co-workers are ignorant when it comes to the products that are in different areas of the store.
WORK ENVIRONMENT: My work environment is great! Almost half (40%) of the customers that I deal with are from Mexico and only speak spanish, so I love interacting with them as I also speak spanish.
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