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Job Security4
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Career Growth4
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From illinois — 08/26/2008

Pay: Each job has a pay grade and acording to it, I am right where I belong. I feel that although the company has researched the ammount of pay/position it is still lacking. I know of a handfull of retal locations that they have looved at when making their pay model and they pay much more. Like others,I have seen the company hire managers off the street and pay them more than seasoned employees. I even have the privelage of training these people as we are one of the training stores in the district. It is very demoralizing whenthe clueless person that you are training makes much more than you do.
Respect: This depends on the staff you work with. I have had wonderful district and regional managers and complete idiots as well. Respect is a 2 way street- if you view it as such there are little problems.
Benefits: Pretty good for the single employee, but I do not know what the outlook is like for the multi-family. I have had a good portion of my college paid for and have paid virtually nothing out of pocket for medical or vision... and my 401K is liiking quite nice at the moment.
Job security- Well, for someone who has been there 10+ years so I must say that it's pretty good. f you do your job, learn as much as you can about animal care, then there is absolutly no reason why your job would be in jeoporady.
Work/life balance: Everyone has a job to do. Some people's positions rquire early shifts, while others are drowning in paperwork the entire day. The freight needs to be done before the store is open and there needs to be customer service. It's simply the way retail works. I am always amazed at the people who complain about the AM shifts- especially since that is what they signed up for. We're always tired... even those of us who have to process the paperwork. that being said, the workers here do have a hard time balancing work/home life- especially with the weird hours and way too much to do.
Career potential/growth- The potential for women has gotten better in the last few years. In our didtrict we used to have the token female store director- now we have a whole 2 of them! 2 out of 27 stores is hardly an 'equality'. Still, if you're not looking to be a director, women are everywhere in the lower positions. I have sen many stockers and cashiers make it to store directors if male- women advance quickly inthe lower ranks.
Location- in Illinois we have a TON of locations centered around Chicago. The only problem I have with our locations is that many of our managers are shipped around to far locations when they have a location in their own town. I have known many employees who have had to drive over an hour to their hime store when one was right around the corner.
Co-worker compentence- If you haven't figured out by now that I have had to train many a clueless manager in my time. I know that it's just pure luck if you hire someone who can ackshually be able to do the job, BUT the company often misses out on the wealth of knowledge that their staff already has. The training modules need to be overhauled asthey are outdated and need to have some substance to them asthey are extremely remedial. Better training would make better employees and therefore more comprntent workers.
Work environment- Other than scheduling/hours issues, most things get repaired quickly. We have had a few ongoing issues with getting some of our inside structures repaired due to water leakage, but for the most part they're right on. The emotional environment depends on having theright staff and the right managers of the store.
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