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From Las Cruces, NM — 07/24/2008

Everyone seems to have disliked their experience with Petsmart. I'm writing this because I feel the complete opposite. I started out at $7.00 as a Pet Care Associate. After 5 months, I was promoted to lead at $8.75 an hour. Then after my one year review I was getting $9.00/hr. The managers have given me nothing but respect, and in fact ask me for my approval for anything that goes on in the pet care department. The DSM (District Service Manager) constantly talks to me and makes sure all the employees in pet care are getting the respect they deserve, and that the pet care manager is not cutting corners. After 14 months I was promoted to support manager at $11.25/hr. then two months after that I was given Pet Care manager at $14.25/hr. And now i'm being trained to take over as operations manager in El Paso, Tx. The benefits have been fantastic for son was sick and on life support for two weeks, and all I had to pay was $500 (out of $5000 worth of bills). I never have to work more than 45 hours a week except around holidays, and occasionally during store resets. I love the people and employers, and hard work is awarded. I started at $7.00/hr, and now I'm about to take a job that will pay $45K a year.
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