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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Louisiana — 09/12/2010

Pay: Well I receive my pay from commission, so I get paid well. Other people who work for Petsmart don't get paid enough, but in this economy, most jobs are underpaid. What makes employee pay bad is, great associates make the same as bad ones. My Petsmart has a hard time firing people so this can be a trying issue!
Benefits: are with United Health Care and are great! So is the 401k option and other benefits.
Job Security: I am not sure about all Petsmarts but the 2 I Have worked at seem to be scared to fire people because of discrimination or retaliation so they never fire people even those they should, so this can be a problem!
Career Potential/Growth: Unfortunately most management members stay in that position for a long time, however if an opening comes up they are fair in choosing. So for this reason I gave a higher score.
Co-Worker Competence: Well this is a big one and my only negative! Early I mentioned that Petsmart is reluctant to fire employees! Well there is a substantial hand full of people who need to be fired at the store I work at now and other stores where I have been and know people. Usually when you have pet lovers they are usually people who have a heart for animals in general and sometimes you have the extremist who are a little crazy. ( I know if you work with pets you know what I mean. Those who are a few crayons short in the crayon box) Well it seems Petsmart hires half of their staff as normal pet lovers and the other half are cookoo for a lack of a better word. Unfortunately you have to deal with these people everyday and hope they are off when you go to work. :(
Work Environment: I enjoy working at my Petsmart. I work in the Salon so the staff of about 10 or so has to work in close quarters and we all get along great! The rest of the store has its issues but they do not spill over to us!

All in all I would recommend Petsmart to groomers and responsible young people for college or for those who are married and just need a fun job to help with bills a little.

One last note just for grooming....ALWAYS ask you talk to your groomer when you bring your dog for grooming and find out if your groomer is experienced and ask all the questions you want! It is very important to get the right groomer. Also ask the other associates who they would recommend. Just because a groomer smiles and acts like they LOVE you and your dog...experience is always the most important thing!
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