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From Raleigh, NC — 08/12/2010

Worked as a pet care specialist. For a retail job, it wasn't so bad. Management was more annoying than anything. Even if your section is done at night, you'll be there an hour after closing waiting for a manager to give you permission to leave. Whatever you do, NEVER look like you have nothing to do. They HATE it. Don't stand around talking, don't lean on the counters or walls. If you need to look busy, stick your hand in a fish tank and clean it-- or look like you are. You stay busy during the holidays with kids wanting to hold hamsters that will bite them or wanting you to get them a specific budgie that will bite you, or a specific tetra fish in a swarm of hundreds. Kids will run around banging on fish tanks. It's your fault when a customer's hamster has died, even if they used the bedding you expressly told them not to use. But these are all general problems you'll face in any retail environment: problem customers. Overall, management was tolerable, my section manager was the coolest manager I'd ever had, the upper management was annoying as hell. Pay is what you'd expect in retail.
Don't work in Pet Care Specialty if you don't think you can handle scooping and counting crickets (dead and alive), administering medicine to sick, irritable hamsters, or handling reptiles, small animals (children included).
Would work there again, and have applied many times in my current city, but good luck getting past the endless application, and they WILL NEVER CALL YOU FIRST. YOU MUST CALL THEM if you hope to get a job. The first time I applied, I called back a week later, and was told to come in for an interview. I took the interview and was sent straight over to take a drug test the same day, then was training within a week. It hasn't been that easy at any other location I've tried-- have been turned down since.
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