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From Tampa — 10/07/2009

I've been working at Petco for just over a year in grooming, and it has been one of the best jobs I've had. At first, I really hated it because I was not used to it, but after a few months I was used to the routine and enjoyed going into work.

The grooming and management staff is VERY well trained, although some associates kinda lack drive. The pay is minimum or commission, whichever is higher. I typically break about $400 a check when I don't make commission, but during the holidays I almost always make over, and that's with me being a bather. Groomers ALWAYS make commission. My manager gives me time off when I need it and is very lenient with hours if I need off. You have the ability to move up if you want to, the environment is pretty positive, the location is a 15 minute car ride, 30 minute bike, or 1 1/2 walk (I've done all three, lol). I get a lot of paid time off since I've been there a while, and everyone here respects me.

I guess a lot of the negative reviews come from people out on the store area, because working in grooming pretty much rules, lol.
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