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From little town washingt — 09/25/2008

my pay is awesome! i have worked at PETCO for a little over a year. i started off at min. pay and now i make $12.00hr. i see nothing wrong with that. i see people bitching about working a lot of hours with little pay but what's funny if they worked little hours with little pay they would still be bitching. i love working as many hours as i can. i go in when ever they call me. ohh yeah i'm a team lead. we train our new members. i have more respect from my workers and managers then i ever thought i would even my DM likes me. if i wanted benefits i could get them but i dont need them. i hope to become assistant manager within the next couple months since ours recently quit. so my growth in the career is great! some co-workers are better then others but every one is finally getting along and working harder then a few weeks ago. drama has really come to a end so its great.

i love this job, we take care of our animals like we would if they were at our own homes.
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