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From Virtual — 04/29/2008

I actually get paid pretty well, but that was because my timing was perfect and I filled a high-priority need.

As everyone else has stated, the benefits are pretty poor and no flexibility. I would like more vacation and willing to buy it, but that is not allowed. Healthcare is a hassle and tough to get paid.

I am amazed how incompetent several of my co-workers are. My close team is extremely knowledgable, but when asking the site analysts questions, you really find out they don't know their systems. Maybe this is because they are spread so thin over multiple projects. When assigned tasks, I have waited weeks for them to be completed, even though they were allocated xx hours to my projects. And God forbid, if the project slips and you have to move the hours to the next month, you have to fight tooth and nail to get those hours again.

I guess my biggest complaint is that I am always in a hurry-up-and-wait mode. I sit here, just waiting for leadership and management to make a decision and respond back, and until then, the projects stagnate, and I get flack for them being late. One thing I have learned is save every e-mail you get so that you CYA. I have also learned to make lots of "executive decisions" just to keep things moving. The sites are happy that I do that, although management may not be so accepting.

The best part is that since I work virtually, my work location is great. I travel about 35% of the time to the sites, which I enjoy.
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