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From Winston-Salem — 09/04/2009

PBG or Pepsico, not sure. We began as Pepsico and changed to PBG and now we've been bought by Pepsico. I can only comment on my experience and it doesn't really matter which Pepsi logo I use. I have been with Pepsi approximately 10 years and like many others have had good bosses and terrible bosses. There are those who Micro-Manage and those who treat you like adults. Currently I work for a boss that doesn't worry about the small stuff (like whether or not you are on break when you go to the restroom or get something to drink) but worries about the job getting done. Sure, if you abuse it-you take the heat--Not everyone gets the crack down.
Pay is OK, but of course we'd all like to see the money we are worth but that's not corporate America. In this time of economic disaster I can say that Pepsi has come through. We were not given our yearly pay increases at the 1st of the year but after substantial growth the 2nd quarter Pepsi decided to share the wealth with a lump sum amount that equaled the increase we would have received from Jan thru July. In addition we were given a 2.5% pay increase for balance of year. This certainly isn't going to make us rich but it helps pay the bills. I count myself lucky to have a job let alone get a raise.
Benefits have remained the same (of course you have the yearly increases) and that's more than I can say for other companies.
Sure, Pepsi has it sticklers regarding Dress Code, vacations,etc.. and there are times that the "rules" can be rather ridiculous, but until I find the "better Job" I'll remain where I am and accept the cons with the pros
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