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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance1
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From Winston Salem, NC — 08/25/2008

Overall, The PBG Bottling Services Department in Winston-Salem is a good company to work for as long as you are on the Customer Service Team, Operations Teams, or are a workaholic. Unfortunately, I was on the Systems Support Team in which they work you like slaves, thus the -5 rating. One of my ex-co-workers has been working 80+ hours for several months and management has consistently looked the other way. To Management, it is more important to get good results than it is to really take care of the well being of their people. As an example, my father had a minor heart attack and I took a Friday off to travel to see him. The day before that Friday, I was speaking to my supervisor about where I was on a project. They actually asked if I planned on working that weekend. (Need I say more?) If you push back and try to work a more reasonable number of hours, intimidation tactics (prefer not to go into specifics here) are used.

Management talks about Work/Life Balance being very important and that everyone owns there own definition of W/L Balance. Just try to do this and here come the intimidation tactics. A good example of speaking out of both sides of the email regarding "Work/Life Balance" training was sent to some of the employees. Quite interesting mentioned that many individuals in management were able to complete this training and they wanted others to also receive it. However, the email goes on to state that due to daily competing demands and focus on critical projects, these individuals would not be able to receive this training at this time. Taking a step back and really understanding this communication....we cannot provide you with training on Work/Life Balance because we have to much to do. (Another...need I say more?)

Ending with a co-workers are like family to me (and still are!). I miss them terribly and pray for them each day.
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