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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance1
Career Growth3
Work Environment1

From Phoenix, AZ — 03/28/2008

Pay would not be so bad if they paid for overtime. My 8 hr days have turned into 12 hr days, while my pay does not reflect it.
Respect is lacking, management can care less if they are over working employees, they only care that the product gets delivered.
Decent benefits, job security is high do to the employees quitting.
work/life balance: is a joke, I originally chose to start early (5am)to be home and spend time with my kids, now I am starting early just so I will not be working until night. I come home have dinner and go to sleep, just to start work early again the next day. The body can only take this for so long.
Work environment is horrible, everyone wants to quite; I am currently placing applications after being with the company for over 8 yrs.
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