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From Washington, DC — 01/07/2009

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer overseas and I also worked at the Peace Corps headquarters for three years. I loved both jobs and I think it is the best educational experience you could ever hope for. Don't waste thousands of dollars going to graduate school when you can join the Peace Corps and GET PAID to learn a language, live overseas for two years and have full medical coverage. Plus student loans are put on hold while you are in the PC. Not only is it great for your resume but the experience is one-in-a-million. You will come to make many beloved life-long friends, you will change peoples lives, you will really start to understand the rest of the world. You will see things you never could have imagined. You will help people in ways you never thought possible and they will teach you more than you could ever hope to know. The training is stellar but you must not expect any hand-holding with this job. You must be VERY self-sufficent, hard working and independent. If you cry when you leave your family or your pets for a three-week trip then I would not suggest this job for you. You must have a hard core and a can-do spirit. I went two years with out a telephone or a TV. Could you handle that? Can you handle cockroaches, stray dogs, cold showers, chain-smokers, no air conditioning or no heat, unsanitary restaurants, walking all day every day, pollution, and slow-motion action? Do you have patience and do you love children and socializing? If your answer is yes then seriously conside the Peace Corps. Best job you'll ever love.

As for the PC Headquarters, fabulous place to work. Great federal benefits, plenty of travel, always interesting and room for advancement. Also, lot's of great guest speakers and free computer training. Only one problem - you can only work there for five years due to the five-year-rule so that there is always new blood and a fresh perspective at the PC.
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