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From washington dc — 03/19/2008

Peace Corps offers top-flight training in languages, cultural sensitivity and competencies, geo-politics. The volunteer gets enormous responsibility adequate support (but no hand-holding) with little interference. I was 21 years old when I began my service and had more responsibility than I could attain in the next 15 years of corporate work.
Peace Corps service will provide you a view of the USA from the outside, as seen by the poorer, developing nations. Such "boots-on-the-ground" experience is very valuable to American employers.

The downsides is that the assignment or the Country Director or your host-country supervisors may not be great. Be careful in accepting an assignment. Meet the Country Director and others who'll supervise you to be sure they've got your interests, goals and needs as their top priority. Avoid service in troubled regions as such troubles will distract you from achieving your goals, unless being in troubled areas is one of your goals.

The pay is ... well... irrelevant. If you get ill, they'll get you out quickly and help you recover. The work environments are usually difficult. But the people you'll meet and/or work with are usually great. This is the best 'job' you could have, at any age.
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