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From Washington DC — 11/05/2007

"Do some poverty?" Try twenty seven months of living without the ordinary amenities that we all take for granted in the states. Try living without air conditioning, television, Internet access, or even electricity. Wash your clothes, including sheets and towels, for all that time in a tub in your back yard, and hanging them in your bedroom during monsoon season where they take fully five days to reach a scratch and sometimes moldy state of dryness. And all the while, try communicating in a newly-learned language with people who depend on you to help them find a way out of the helplessness and hopelessness they have been experiencing before you came to their town or village. I've served in Peace Corps four times, including Hurricane Katrina response in our own US. I've also worked for PC HQ in Washington DC. I was 50 when I first joined, and at 70 I'm still telling youth and Baby Boomers alike about this wonderful JFK legacy. I've worked alongside retired dairy farmers from Minnesota, kids of single moms in rural West Virginia, and yes, a rich kid from Marin County. All were dedicated to their tasks. I've seen great country directors, mediocre host country staff, and not so hot Political Appointees to contend with, but I've seen equal mixes in both the private sector and in other government segments. They used to call it "the toughest job you'll ever love." I think it still is.
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