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From Phoenix, AZ — 07/25/2009

I worked in Sales for a couple of years with Paychex. The money is good, nice base, good commission splits. Everyone would like them to be higher, but I always felt they were at least fair. The trade off for this is that the pressure is extreme. Getting calls after 8pm and on the weekends from managers and their managers talking about how your performance effects their ability to put food on the table for their family.

If you are doing well you are looked at to pick up the slack for everybody else, if you are down they will threaten you with termination. "One on One's" 9 times out of 10 resulted in reps coming out their DSM's offices with their heads down trying to pick themselves back up so they could go out on calls. It would be routine for reps to come in tired, talking about how they couldn't sleep due to "paymares". I really can't emphasize the pressure enough.

I liked both DSMs that I worked for there. Both are genuinely great people. How can be great people and put that kind of heat on their reps? Well, there is a cycle where their boss yells at them, because his boss was yelling at him and the DSMs follow that lead and yell at the reps. They yell because they have to do something to avoid getting yelled at some more and figure if their boss yelled at them it's probably a good idea for them to yell at the reps. You get these people off the clock out at dinner and they are wonderful parents, fun people to hang out with. If you are having personal issues they will show plenty of empathy as long as it doesn't interfere with work. Then you are on your own.

There is a high standard for employees interviewing is intense and they pick the best. I had great teammates which you need to survive the pressure in that place. Everyone has mentioned how highly Paychex employees are thought of amongst other employers you will get unsolicited calls from outside recruiters at least a couple of times per month, in addition I had clients who would regularly ask about hiring me.

I lasted two years before getting completely burnt out. The average rep in the position I was in lasts 4 months. It's intense, you don't see anybody in there over 40, it wears on everybody. Great job for somebody who is young and hungry, just hit your numbers, make your money and use your experience to get something more stable with a better work life balance.
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