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From South East — 05/06/2009

Paychex is a great company to work for! It's a large company that is very respected in the accounting community. The pay is good. It compensates people that have a good work ethic and want to "make" a living and not have something handed to them. You're compensation is uncapped, so nothing's stopping you from making more $. In previous reviews I read the compensation is "fair". Well, that's completely up to you to determine your income. "IT'S A CHOICE" to determine your income! The benefits are great! A lot of companies are cutting back on benefits, with Paychex they continue to add benefits. For example, EAP (Employee Assistant Program) is amazing! They will act as a personal assistant to do research for you. They even shopped for a Wii for me at Christmas time. Work life balance can be a challenge if you struggle with managing your time. The lazy ones struggle because they are slow getting their work done, if you work hard and get things "done", you will be able to manage it. Paychex isnt a company for slackers! The career growth is unlimited, you can grow as much as you want. Once you proove yourself, you can do anything you want. Location is convenient. Co-worker competence and work environment is good. You are in an environment with other human beings, there's always going to be drama no matter where you are. You choose whether you participate or not. Paychex is one of the most amazing companies there is. They truly listen to their employees and continue to strive for more ways to give you things. The ones who have anything negative related to Paychex are probably people that have a lack of appreciation in life. Consider yourself very lucky if you get the opportunity to work for Paychex.
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