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From Orange County, Ca — 05/03/2009

I've worked for Paychex for over 4 years in sales. The earning potential is pretty good... just keep in mind that your commission is based on how you did last year. If you hit Circle of Excellence, your commission percentage payout the following year is higher. If you miss it the next year, you get put back down to a lower percentage the following year. Normally this is okay except when outside factors make you barely miss your goal (I.E. Economic downturn). You end up taking a pay cut the following year. The company culture is pretty good compared to other large corporate companies. As product leaders in payroll, 401(k) and other services, it makes it a little easier to gain credibility with prospects. The customer support is hit or miss (like any large company). For the most part, I stand behind what I sell, which is important. THE ONE THING ANYONE SHOULD KNOW BEFORE GETTING HIRED? If you are lucky, or good enough to make the trip, just be aware that you are not allowed to bring anyone! That's right, even if you were willing to pay for your spouse, Paychex doesn't let you. I'll never understand the logic behind that.
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