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From Philadelphia — 04/02/2009

I have been with Paychex in a sales position for many years. It is a high stress/high reward environment. I made over $100K my first year, and haven't been below since. There is a HUGE amount of pressure to produce your number. This drives many sales people out the door, many to pharma careers. I have been to many of the awards conferences, and have found them to be terrific. I am NOT one of the favorites, as I am typically not a team player. Yet, I have always felt respected and able to earn a solid living. Benefits are fine, not great. If you don't want to be a manager, there is no career track at all. The salary is fair, and the top end is competitive. I will earn around $140K this year. There are higher paying jobs out there, and I get a couple of call from recruiters each year. I stay because I love the company and the people in it. There is a lot of mutual respect, and if you work hard, this job is a once in a lifetime place to be.
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