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From Northeast — 01/04/2009

I have worked for Paychex in the HRS division for the past year. Paychex is a very hard company to get into. The interview process typically requires 3-5 interviews with a couple different managers. The reason for this is because Paychex is looking for the best of the best. When hired you must complete 3 weeks of training with 2 job dependent test with no exceptions to their outcome. When you get past these steps you are golden. Paychex is a phenomenal company to work for. The salary for my division ranges between 45-53k. You also get a very nice tax free car allowance, along with the ability to expense certain things. The ramp up period for this position is typically about 3 months before you see some real money, but in many cases it's 1 month. The company displays a very corporate feel and reps are expected to be dressed to deal with C-Level executives, business owners, and over-all decision makers. The ability to make money is realistic with this company. Reps in my division, within this area average, between 90-190k. This company hates turnover and works hard with their reps so they are maintaining their quota. Once you get above quota and consistently stay above it, you are running your own business with many branches of support. One of the best parts about Paychex is the ability to have partners in different divisions that help you cross-sell your product. The overall structure is fantastic. Paychex has a great reputation in the business world and employees are heavily recruited once they are in. This is very true, as recruiting calls started in my 3rd month. The only people that leave are people that move on to medical device sales or investment banking jobs that pay 400k plus. You will not make 400k at this job, but you can make 120-220k here and have a great quality of life. Management opportunities are great and there are three levels of recognition with this company, all which result in a trip to a destination and financial reward. Paychex prides itself by employing only top notch employees. Everyone at this company is educated and very successful in their past careers. The rumor when you get to school is that if you are hired you beat out 31 other candidates for your position. If that is not motivation to succeed, I don't know what is.
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