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From Virginia — 11/18/2008

First of all, it's Paychex, not PayChex! Let's at least get the name of the company right, shall we? I notice that a lot of the negativity in preceeding comments come from people who can't spell basic words yet complain about their advancement opportunities and pay. There is lots of bashing of the sales team, let's get another thing straight... Just because there is the occasional bad sales rep, that does not warrant a generalization about all sales people within the organization. You people need to understand that Operations and Sales have a synergistic relationship. One does not exist without the other. You all work for the same team, you are all stockholders! Act like it! One thing I can guarantee you, there is always something negative to say about just about anyone. Why not put that same wasted effort into something productive like answering the phone with a smile on your voice? It's hard for most clients to keep up a tirade when you come across as someone who is genuinely trying to help vs. someone who is blaming someone else or even the client. Let's just forget the blame game, solve the issue and move on. Believe me, you will go home at night a much happier person for your family. I say, let's just be thrilled to death that we have a job to go to where there are no threats of lay offs, cut backs or pay reductions! We are working for a somewhat recession proof company, be greatful! Thank God for Tommy Galisano's little idea back in 1970ish that small business people could use some help with payroll taxes!
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