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From Seattle, WA — 05/14/2008

My second job out of college, this company trained me exceptionally well and I felt very prepared to sell Paychex suite of services. I made incredible friends at this company that are my best friends several years later. My boss was a great mentor and I stayed friends with him even after my territory failed me and I was forced out. Producers are protected even if those producers are doing or saying things they shouldn't. Be cautious of this. That said, my boss was incredibly fair when my quota wasn't met for a couple months and he helped me find a new job before I left Paychex. This is a great job and company and really makes you appealing to recruiters. I'd get a call a week at least that I didn't solicit. There are a lot of meetings and that gets old fast. The reports, when I was there, were archaic and intrusive to my work day but every job has something. This company is kind of churn and burn, like most entry-level sales jobs. Most people hang on a couple years at most before landing another great sales job somewhere else. There are those star, circle of excellence, employees that hang on for life but they're very rare. If you get the chance, interview the branch manager of opp's when you interview for your sales position. If he or she is inept, your job will be incredibly tough. Unfortunately, our branch manager wasn't respected and our customers took the hit for it. I couldn't stand behind our services as a branch at one point and started interviewing. If you're in sales, make friends with Op's. They work their tales off and ultimately are the face of Paychex as they interact with your clients as often as weekly. Paychex is very ethical, very respected and a solid company. I recommend them over their competition and would work there again if I had to go back to work. Oh, one more thing. Be prepared to do a lot of cold-calling. I had the best luck with telemarketing.
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