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From Rochester, NY — 03/01/2008

The pay is kept at industry standards and the annual merit increases for working hard are nice. The companies supervisors rarely back you up against a client that is being unreasonable, rude and disrespectful and you are forced to work with them until you are promoted or a new payroll specialist needs clients. Management believes that if a client is being rude and disrespectful that their is a reason for it which is not always true. As with most corporations, the management cares more about the bottom line than their employees stress level. The company offers a complete medical, 401k, and employee stock option plan which is great. You will always have a job as long as you work hard, don't call in late too many times in a year, or call off sick beyond what they pay you for. It's very hard to balance you work and life because you will find that your fellow co-workers will not appreciate you if you take off during a heavy payroll processing day. I found that the career potential is excellent. Their are several avenues to explore and management is always looking to promote from within. The branch locations are located very near major city's and you can re-locate to almost any state. Most of the co-workers that I have worked with care only about their client base and are only willing to help if instructed to do so by a supervisor. The work environment is unpleasant due to the high volume of work and the sour attitude of co-workers and displeased clients. I suppose it comes with the territory. This review is written based upon the payroll specialist position.
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