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From San Francisco Bay Area, CA — 10/21/2010

I LOVE working for Paychex! I work as a sales rep and although the base salary was not as high as I had hoped, I saw the commission structure and realized that it can be very transactional = more sales = more commissions! I used to make a base of 55K at my previous company, but I was making a billion cold calls all day long and kept hearing "no" all day. So when they offered a salary in 40K's I hesitated. When I say it's transactional I mean that we are put in a lot of closing situations, we get a lot of leads from current customers, CPA firms, and we even have a telemarketing team that set appointments up for us.

The team is awesome too! Everyone is high energy, ambitious, outgoing etc. That was really important to me when looking at new companies.

I've been at 3 companies in my sales career and by far Paychex is the best place to work!
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