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From Minneapolis, MN — 10/03/2010

I'm a Senior Payroll Specialist and the one thing I have to point out in reading these reviews is that Paychex is very branch specific. We have EXCELLENT managers at our location. I'm supported in my decisions and my supervisors are incredibly careful not to undercut the specialist while maintaining customer service. Again, it's branch specific. I'm not sure I would want to transfer elsewhere because I don't know that it could be that great. We have incentive programs for our stats that earn us time off (up to 8 hours a month, and it is VERY attainable.) - we have branch lunches - we've even had supervisors bring in their Wii and let us take time to play!

My critique is workload, but they are working hard to alleviate it. The management is transparent in telling us it has to do with budget (and I don't like it, but it's corporate America). Yes, it is incredibly stressful. Yes, there are days I want to scream. They let me vent, they let me "explode" and I'm not called down for it. Additionally, my co-workers are reliable. I've worked here for 2.5 years and there are a lot of lifers here.

I also gave a lower score on pay because I know they pay less than other companies, but good management is hard to find and I'll take a little less to be satisfied with those higher up.

I've worked enough places to know a good thing when I see it. Every job has it's cons. The question is, what can you live with? I work regular hours, ten minutes away from home, with understanding supervisors (almost everyone has a family with kids)...the workload is a bit heavy and the pay a bit low - but that's what I can live with :)
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