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Job Security4
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From Chicago Ridge, IL — 02/05/2009

Well, Party City was my second job in retail, and I worked there for almost 3 years. The worst part about the job to me was the pay. I was rated all 5's on my review every time it came around and I never got a decent raise. Along with the fact that I didn't ever get a promotion because I was 'too nice', I was never even given a chance. If I had a management or supervisor position I would follow policy, I thought sales associates were supposed to be nice to customers so we could sell product? Right? The only reason I stayed was because I loved the environment. Although management was tough at times, the majority of the people, along with management, were decent and easy to get along with. Many people may disagree, but my favorite part of the job was working at the balloon counter. It was fast paced all Saturday long, and although some customers were frustrating, I learned to deal with it. Ocassionally management did play favorites, but I never really let it get to me much. Overall, I just wish they would've given me a better raise and maybe some credit for being a committed employee.
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