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From Riverside, CA — 09/15/2009

I just read these stories... Are you kidding me???...Talk about sour apples… The people that are crying and bitching more than likely got FIRED!! Either for lack of performance or they just could not come in to work on time….. Are you kidding me… can you imagine The Parman Law Group makes their employees come to work on time… what a joke… why can’t I work whenever I want to?

I've worked here since February and I could not be happier. These comments are from people that no longer work there and were fired or just quit on their own. I've seen a lot of people get fired as in ANY and EVERY sales organization. Most of them could not perform and are just not salesmen, they think they are but the world knows better, they need to go back to flipping hamburgers. Those people will go from job to job looking for something that does not exist.... their own TALENT. They point the finger to others when they fail. They have every reason in the book or I should say in their minds, they are mad at the world and just can’t find their nitch in life.

There is a shift that starts early but it's only for a week and then the next week you come in at 10am... Some of the salesmen could not even get in at that time of the day and they say is a bad place to work!!!.... Maybe they need to get a paper route. I also read some idiots comment about the lunch the company buys every Friday is not good… OK… what kind of a fool would make a statement like that… the free food is no good.

I am proud of my company and believe in its mission and products. If you are looking for a home this is a solid place to work.
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