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From Irvine, CA — 06/02/2009

I absolutely love it here. The Attorneys are great! They are very helpful, considerate, honest, and totally cool. The pay is good, and the hours are difficult. If you don't have a good work ethic, and you're lazy you won't like it here at all, so DON'T apply. I also have never worked at a more ethical office. I used to do loan mods at a different company, and over there we would mislead and lie. Here, we can't even use verbage that is even a little misleading since it is a law firm, thats why it makes it difficult to make money as a sales person here. However, I would rather be honest, and be professional with my clients than lie and take their money!!! I've never seen a non-attorney or attorney mislead a client, that is just ridiculous!!!!! Just because you couldn't hang here and make a buck, doesn't mean you gotta bad mouth. Out of the 50 clients I have, I have been unable to help only 4 and they received a refund. And the best part is that they get food for the entire office (OVER 90 PEOPLE) EVERY FRIDAY!!!!!! AWESOME

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