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From ohio — 09/28/2009

The pay at my store sucks because we start out lower then every other pizza joint around, (we start at 6.00/hour for drivers where as other stores start at 7.30/hour for drivers). Mostly everyone I work with is a complete lazy ass who doesn't know their right shoe from their asshole....but at least they are nice. My General Manager is one of the sweetest, funniest ladies I have ever met, and everyone loves her. Our DM is a big ol' lesbo but she is nice too. Work environment is good other than 80% of employees standing around not doing anything. Small store, nice people. If you know what you're doing, you can move up very easily. Start out as a shift-runner, move to assistant manager in less than a year. Stay there for one more year and you're already a GM. pretty sweet deal if you're young and didn't finish out college. Benefits are available, but for anything worthwhile it's pretty pricey( ranges from $32-$280/month per person). If you do your job, you will have it forever if you want it. If you do your job well you will move up quickly, and get as many hours as you ask for. Good company to work for especially for young people....but if youre planning on making a career out of the pizza industry I would go with Donatos or Pizza Hut...upper MGMT gets much better pay and hourly employees do too.
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