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Job Security4
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Work Environment3

From deer park, Tx — 07/29/2009

Pay started out at $6.50, when you went on a delivery you were dropped down to $5.00 an hour plus a small amount of change for gas, for anyone looking for an entertaining job rather than a profitable one should work here. Pay was ok, the real benefit was having cash on hand at all times due to tips. I felt like I mattered while I worked there, my boss was fair, and liked to joke around, but knew when it was time to be serious. Don't get in his way when it's time to be serious. Benefits were non-existent, not that the majority of us needed them, most delivery drivers are still kids. As long as you do your job, it is secure. I never felt like my job was threatened while I worked there. The schedule was incredibly flexible. I worked there for a year, I don't believe raises were ever given out, to anyone, and as far as growing in the company was concerned, most new management was brought in from other businesses, not that I was looking for a promotion, but it seemed like they were non-existent. Some of the co-workers were ok, some were very odd. Take you college age and high school students, and put them working with 30+ year olds (some were nice, some were just awkward. really, really awkward.)who have never been to college. That is what its like being a driver. Fortunately, you are on the road most of the time, so interaction is limited. The store was nice, though cramped. All in all my experience working there was really nice, and like any job it had its goods and bads. I would recommend this job to anyone.
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