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From St. Louis, MO — 10/16/2010

I am an hourly shift leader for Papa John's. Although I can't say I "love" my job, but I certainly don't hate it. I have a lot of fun with my co-workers, my manager treats me like a person and is very kind and respectful. I mean, if you're going to have a part time job in the food industry?? This is it. Not bad at all. I will say that our instore employees (the pizza makers) are super underpaid. I've seen a lot of complaints on the drivers only making $4.50 an hour, but what do you expect? All the drivers at my store make WAY more money than me and make $4.50 an hour. It's like any other waitressing job. My girlfriend only makes $3.50 an hour as a waitress but easily brings home more money than me daily. Papa John's can be a really fun place to work if you're not lazy, and at least attempt to get along with your co-workers. Here's a good hint- if everyone you work with has a problem with you, chances are that YOU are the problem. Papa John's is good enough if you want to work with food part-time. Getting promoted and working your way up in the company is a definite possibility if you work hard and keep your nose clean.
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