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From MD — 01/03/2010

I loved working here, but I think because I worked in a small town our store wasn't as busy as most panera breads. I worked here for over a year and I got decent raises. The managers worked around my school schedule while I went to the community college down the street. We were all friends, cashiers, Line, managers everyone was pretty nice.

When the "rush" came during lunch and dinner, was when it was most hecktic and we were all yelling at each other, but we never held a grudge and moved on and bs afterwards. Plus we got christmas bonuses. They were closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas so I didn't even need to bother to take off. I mean, I'm not sure if all paneras are the same but I'd go back if I needed a second job. I got a better job now and panera gave me good experience. If you don't like fast pace, don't work here.

All companies that pay low are going to be crap, because they know young teens are going to take off for everything during school, thats why they have so many workers and little hours, so you have to show them your serious about working with them. In the meantime go to school!
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