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From Tulsa, Oklahoma — 08/10/2009

Pay: Pay is fine. I started off at $7.25 and am now making $8.01, with two raises coming in this week. I found that if you work hard and learn how to do most of everything in the store, it is very easy to get a decent pay, but you have to be smart.

Respect: I have had some bad managers roll through who were so disrespectful to me I came close to walking out, but those are just a few rotten bunches. The majority of my managers are awesome, and I get along with them on a very personal level. I would say that I treat them as family now.

Benefits: I am part time and soon full time, so I do not know. I hear medical so shady, but dental and vision is very very cheap and good (three cleanings a year and discounted checkups) and you can get a full weeks vacation every six months which isn't bad if you are an associate in school! Managers get up to 120 hours vacation every six months once they hit ten years, and a starting vacation of 40.

Job Security: Security is so-so. I get 25-30 hours a week, but I am in high school, but I still get five days a week. If you do not know how to do a lot of different things at the store (as in only wash dishes) and don't make yourself available every day, you won't get hours, it is as easy as that.

Work/Life Balance: Five days a week, was doing six during the summer, but that is only because I requested it so I could work 40 hour weeks. Scheduled off days are very easy because they have many teenage employees who never want to work but are still hired so they just used them as substitutes, really. Luckily I don't get that treatment.

Career Potential/Growth: Could be better, but it is not bad. I started off knowing only cashiering and dish, but I begged to be on the line and they put me on, and gave me a raise. Now they are making me a trainer, and giving me a big raise to keep me around. I've been asked to become a baker, and told that if I weren't in school that they would consider me for a management position.

Location: Only 15 minutes from work and school, about 5 mile drive. Very convenient for my schedule.

Co-worker Competence: Managers are very smart, and they do their job well. They have an amazing amount of dedication, even when things get rough and they have to pull 14 hour days or close and opens, but they help inspire me to work harder because of their example. But a lot of our teenage associates are arrogant, slow, and just down-right stupid. Most are too busy talking to each other to get work done, and our most recent employee on the line (in training) is the slowest person I had to work with, but they don't want to fire her because we are still putting her through training..argh.

Work Environment: Very chill, but with high focus on getting the job done. We don't get yelled at for talking unless we cause it to run into how we treat customers, or if it causes us to get out later or put us behind. I have never been in trouble for off days or when I do something wrong, on purpose or accident. We're always understanding of eachother.
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