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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth2
Work Environment3

From Fort Wayne IN — 06/07/2009

Pay: Well what can you expect from a fast food place not much but I do think that its mesed up that alot of people who dont do crap get payed more.

Respect: Where I work you get respect if you are a hard worker if you just standing around all day or night noone is going to respect you. My GM is awesome hes the only one I really get along with, prolly cuz he usually just sits ine the office most of the night.

Benefits: Wouldnt know about them.

Job Security: As far as know you wont get fired unless you steal, no call no show, or threaten someone (customer, co-worker)

Work/Life Balance:Its alright untill your the one they always call to fill someoen in but you dont have to go in and on holdays its really hard to get off if everyone puts a request in.

Location: The location is close to me but it also sucks cuz its in a more richer area so ALL the customers think they are better than you regardless of how far up you are

Co-worker Competence: my cafe isnt that bad with people thank GOD

Work enviorment: its not that bad except the most of the customers suck cuz they think they need special treatment like theyre at a 5 star resturaunt or something. and some of the manangers can be really rude as hell wich is redicoulus becase most of tham started at the bottom just like everyone else
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