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3.9Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From West Des Moines, Iow — 10/17/2008

Not gunna lie working there was a great! worked there for my first few years of high school.

Pay-- wasnt great but It got me by (remember I was in high school) but as a teenager working there you could easily make it by with bills and all I had 3 grand in debt for tickets still made it by.

Respect-- was okay everyone got along pretty good never had any arguments everyone had a helping hand and the management treated me pretty good even if I slacked off which I usually did!

Benifits-- were pretty good for the older people working there they all said they loved them!

Job security-- Was pretty good after two weeks they would promote you from house cleaner to eather food prep, or registers or where ever they thought you would be useful! they eventually made it so you could do everything in the store! which was good when they needed you to help out at other stores so you didnt get stuck doing dishes there you could go cook the pizza (highly recomended btw there awesome)

Work/life balance-- was fairly good all the time I needed off they would give me as long as I found someone to fill in for me!

Location-- was awesome everyday was like 10 mins to get there and I lived clear on the other side of town/ and the girls that came threw WOW!!! it was great that it was connected to a mall

Co worker competence-- was good everyone was helpful and always came in with a good mood

Encironment was good always clean really friendly area and alot of hott chicks
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