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From St. Louis, MO — 09/14/2010

This is my first job and I couldn't possibly imagine any better place to start at. My managers truly took me in and made sure I was completely trained and prepared. They are always willing to help me out with anything, and are always out working with me, very rarely just sitting in their office. The people I work with are amazing also. There are people from all walks of life who I am friends with, and all are as far as I know very pleased with their job. I thought I would get sick of the food from working around it all the time, but I crave it even more now! I am so impressed with the working environment- it's never really insanely crazy except for in the morning, and there is very rarely mean or disrespectful customers. Even though I only work about 12-15 hours a week, I see the same loyal group of customers every day and have grown to have a relationship with them awesome. One manager of mine in particular makes coming to work an enjoyable experience. She truly cares about all of us employees and encourages us to help each other. I hear all my friends and teenagers my age complaining about their jobs, but on the whole I can't think of any large complaints about mine. I feel so lucky to work at such a wonderful place, and would encourage anyone considering working here to not be turned off by any negative reviews. I seriously cannot relate to any of them.
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