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From hhhhhhhhh — 10/18/2009

I am and have been a store manager for Pamida for 1 1/2 years. I have prior experience with larger
companies also in retail (15 years retail management exp.) . I can say that based on my experience
Pamida is no better or worse then any other company. A job or career is what each of us make it. If
we want to make it successful we will and like wise if we want it to be terrible it will be.

Pamida is a very diverse and ever changing company. Work load, company direction and ideas seem
to continually change. This is definitely a company that seems to struggle to "get it together". BUT
there are alot of companies out there who are in this same boat, expecially during these tough economic times.

I manage a store in the mid-west. The standards in customer service, store appearance and the pride
I take in my work is higher then the Pamida's expectations. My store team is made up of local people from this community, who are like a family. We take great pride in our store and it shows.

As a whole the company needs to learn, that higher pay will yield better quality management for its store, they need to learn that they must pay the hourly employees better to retain then and continue to get the work expectedof them. The benefits are ok, the job is fine and its a great job or career depending on where you are in your life!
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