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Job Security3
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Career Growth3
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From Mount Vernon MO — 11/13/2008

Overall Pamida was a good place to work. There was a set of good managers but previous to them and currently there is a constant rotation. There has been 10 store managers within 8 years and the best stayed for 3 of the 8 years.
Overall, the store leadership and district leadership seem to be of a lower class and/or haven't obtained a high level of education. Some of them have been very hard workers but not able to deal with all of the pressure. They don't have the personality to deal with small town people where your reputation decided fairly quickly.
Payroll is always low which endlessly leaves a little bit left to be done. Technology, old and new, is an issue and there doesn't seem to be sufficient support from Omaha. Replenishment is inconsistent which not only causes issues with ads but on everyday items.
The payrate is average for starting out but raises aren't what they should be.
If only more people in Omaha corporate put their heart into their job they could be very successful. Corporate leaders need to take ownership and have both short and long-term plans.
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