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From Irvine, CA — 07/29/2008

I think someone is all sorts of bitter-- the review down below, I mean. I did some pretty menial clerk work for PB part-time; of course there are the sub-par employees working there and there are some obvious flaws in the work structure, as there are with any company. But it was honestly a pleasant place to be, especially for working such a crummy job! People were very respectful and friendly. I think it depends on you competence level; if you suck at your job, people will treat you that way. If you're a hard worker and you perform cleanly, they'll be overwhelmingly kind. That's just what I observed.

I wasn't looking to climb the ranks, though that opportunity was offered to me. The work environment is very structured, very relaxed and a perfect alternative to the insanity of some offices. Maybe the poster above's a little jaded that they weren't as proficient as they'd anticipated.
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