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From Columbia, SC — 06/05/2008

Pay is the minimum they are allowed to pay. When they shift or increase job pay ranges they do not go back to the employees in those pay ranges that are at the minimum and increase the pay but will hire other people into those positions making higher minimum pay with no experience.
Job Security; There is job secruity if you are an executive, because losing contracts there has been a number of layoff. However, the executives never loose their jobs. They will continue to pay them high saleries until something comes up, even months. But lower level management and employees are let go at will no matter the number of years experience. It is a favortism game. Example: last year they lost a contract and they layed off people that work for another contract to make room for the people that lost the contract. There is no job security because exectutives can and do whatever they want eventhough it is unfair to employees.
Leadership: They really need to get new blood in at the executive level from the president on down.
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