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From Florida — 12/28/2006

I work for Page. Let me go back a bit... There have been people typing in nonsense about this company! I was given a job here almost four years ago, I started in the field and was eventually moved into administration. The company has given me SO many opportunities within this company, as are ALL the other employees at Page. The pay is good, I am treated with the utmost respect by all management, and other employees. The benefits are great, better than my benefits with local government. The location is adequate, we are centrally located. I work with my colleagues, and hand in hand, we get the job done, I never question my colleagues knowledge and there has never been an occassion where I should have. If you're here to smash Page Mechanical, I think you need to re-evaluate yourself, and look at what OTHER companies in the area offer in comparison to ours.
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