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From Dallas, TX — 01/20/2010


My name is Keith Albright (, ext. 113) and I've just read through the postings about Paciugo.

I joined Paciugo not quite 3 months ago to head up its franchise development efforts worldwide. Iíve also known the founders of Paciugo (Ugo, Cristiana and Vincent Ginatta) for several years and have been a ďraving fanĒ of their authentic Italian gelato since I moved back to Dallas in 2005. So, while I wouldn't presume to doubt the sincerity of the unidentified author(s) of the postings that take Paciugo and its owners to task, I can tell you that I havenít seen or experienced any of the behaviors or attitudes that are recounted in the postings. Presumably, the author(s) of the postings will just say that I'm being played and that, in time, I'll encounter the same problems as they did.

Two observations occur to me. First, I've attached my name and contact information to this posting - unlike the the author(s) of the postings that are critical of Paciugo. While everyone can, and should, make of that what they will, my own view is that anonymous comments aren't worth all that much. I simply don't put much stock in a comment or opinion if the individual who is offering it isn't prepared to back it up with his name and reputation.

Second, if it turns out that I'm wrong and the detractors of Paciugo and its owners are rigfht, I'll say so. Right here and with my name and contact information attached to it. I'd like to think that anyone else wants us all to take their views seriously will have the courage of their convictions and do the same think.

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