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From TX — 12/01/2009

Hi: My name is Cristiana Ginatta and I'm the co-founder of Paciugo, the wife in the comments below. There is a reverse of the medal, or the other side of the story, I'll keep it short and give some examples. As the comments say, we are a small company where everybody is multi-tasking and helping each other out. We'd love to have a receptionist just answering the phones (and with 40+ stores open believe sometimes all the lines are ringing at the same time) and for everybody to have his/her own office. However since we are not there yet, we ask everybody at the office to be alert of the phones ringing and help answering as needed, if the 3 persons mainly in charge are on the other lines. I asked not to wear headphones on because the other people answering the phone had to get up and walk to the desk of the person, because the person wasn't ble to hear her line ringing for transfering the call. We work in an open space environment and playing personal music at the computer would disturbe the other people working. Same thing with benefits: I'm sure there are bigger companies that offer better benefits, but I'm proud to say that we've been able to offer 50% of medical insurance to all employees above 30 hours/week since day one and paid vacation as well. Currently we have a good coverage with BlueCross BlueShield and 160 PTO (paid time off) hours since first year of employement. We always paid overtime and time and half during major holidays, store managers were expected to work 45 hours/week and have 2 days off. Schedule at the office has always been flexible, everybody can come in and leave and take a break whenever she/he wants, as long as the job gets done. But we never forced anybody to work longer or at different hours they wanted to. I dislike waste and I believe everybody can make a difference with small things. Example: I don't use post-it, I use scratch paper - but there are people that use post-it at the office sigh ; ) - and I set the air conditioning at 78 (even though it's usually changed to 76) and the heating at 76. It's normal to go with the season and be warm during the summer and cool during the winter and if everybody would do it, we'd see an immediate impact on our CO2 emissions.
I don't think there are "bad" people or "bad" colleagues or "bad" employees, I believe there are people that like and perform better in a structured, more predictable environment and people that like the multi-tasking and challenging days at start-up companies. Our turn-over in any new position is high at the beginning, until we find the right person to work with the team and in that position. I'd rather not waste anybody's time and efforts, it's painful for everybody not been able to work together or not being in the right environment and I'd rather cut it short in a few months than keep going when everybody is miserable. But once we find the right person for the position, our turn-over is very low, we have several colleagues that have been with us for many years, we have several families working with us and in a company not even 10-year-old the average is more than 4 years with the company. I hope for everybody to find the right company to work for and to have a prosperous 2010! Best wishes, Cristiana
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