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From San Diego, CA — 03/12/2008

I started working at Pacific Monarch as promised in training for 2 weeks! My first day was paperwork/orientation. Half a day I was on the phone trying to make reservations listening to "Top Guns". My 2nd day I was there I was told I would have to make a reservation by 10 AM! Well I was pulled off the phone at 9:30 AM to listen to a "Top Gun" and no reservations were made due to old leads from 2004, 2005, etc...I was also kicked from my desk to let a newbie come in and try to make a reservation.
Then the 3rd day I came in I was told I was suspended for no reservations for 3 days. I came back in the following Friday and found out I was already fired by the job on Monday! Thanks for a chance!!!! So much for my 2 week training!!
This was the most embarrassing SHORT LIVED job I have EVER had...and NONE of this was told in training and orientation (that reservations were to be made in the 1st 3 days we were to be there!!)

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