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From North Carolina — 09/05/2009

Lets see. Most of you are spewing angry, hateful, disrespectful lies that you have no sure proof of. How many of you have ever tried to save an airline? How many of you have ever had a management position? Tell would you keep Pace going? Oh...thats right. You would pay them, right? With what? Do any of you know the amount of Paces payroll every 2 weeks? Mr. R and his "sidekicks" work relentlessly to meet the demands and needs of the employees at the same time trying to build the means to keep the company afloat. The people they have coming in to "give money" or "sucker" are called investors. Why don't you try to google that! Maybe you can google 'running airlines for dummies' do a hostile takeover of Pace and save the world! Instead of bitching and boo-hooing, take your heads out of your butts and appreciate that there are people out there trying to make sure you have a place to come to work in the morning. And for the employee who is trying to do background searches on google...really? I'm laughing myself silly! I won't tell you to stick with your day job because I'd rather see you quit but, I do hope you listed your criminal justice certificate in your resume! Go inspector gadget! If you don't have a job because Pace fails to exist.....neither does the upper management who spend endless hours working to keep Pace flying. If you truly hate this company and feel this way about our yourself a favor and quit. Stop infecting the rest of the employees and staff with your negative attitude and rumors. Nobody is keeping you here and frankly...who wants to spend their days in such a negative environment? Some of you are just those types of people who aren't happy unless everyone is miserable. Some others just like the attention they get by running their yappers! And some of you are pathetic. If you want to vent and blame people on this forum, know your facts. You have no right to deface and embarrass co-workers because of your confusion, jealousy or lack of self control. You have no right to make public accusations using peoples names when you don't have proof and further more your information is just a down right lie. Some of the upper management have sacrificed much more than any of you have. Some people haven't seen their families or live elsewhere to try to make this company work. Has anyone thanked them because you ARE still employed? Here you people are moaning about people being honest and why don't I have this or why can't I get that and why don't we know anything....and all of a sudden you have the correct information about who is having and affair and what they are getting for their services? Are you really that pathetic and sad with your own life that spreading hurtful lies about Mr. C and a flight attendant are of the utmost importance to you? Do you consider how that may effect your co-workers and the people you maliciously attack? Does it concern you that if their significant others hear your verbal vomit that you may cause them undue break-ups or further hardship? Or is your only concern yourself....and nobody else? That would explain your amateurish bantering. Now...correct me if I am wrong but isn't that exactly what your accusing management with? Being selfish and not caring about anyone else? What I see here is a group of people who are angry because they aren't getting what they want, who aren't concerned with anyone but themselves, who aren't willing to do anything but make this process of survivorship difficult, who don't want to support the people they work with, who blame people for the same things they practice themselves. Instead of being so hippacritical and negative....try being supportive and positive. If you aren't capable of doing such - then do everyone a favor and quit. This way you can be miserable somewhere else, find different people to spread lies and rumors about and maybe even smile once in a while! Thank you Mr. R and Mr. C and all upper management for your sacrifices, long nights and relentless efforts. I hope that Pace becomes what you are striving for it to be. You are all in my prayers, even those people who are careless, instigating, troublemaking, rumor rats.
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