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From Winston Salem — 08/22/2009

Pace is a great company and Mr. Rodgers has a fantastic plan. This company has an incredible potential that will be realized if ALL employees participate and act as the professionals that Mr. Rodgers and his team believe you are. As for the comment that a person cannot be a Christian and a billionaire at the same time, that is obviously from someone who is not a Christian themselves since they do not know what it takes to be a Christian. I feel blessed to finally have someone at the helm of our company who is a Christian. Obviously those of you, who were there Weds and have been complaining, did not watch Mr. Rodgers walk off. That man was close to tears. He cares deeply for this company and the employees and it is very obvious that it hurts him when things like this happen. All I can say is if you are unhappy QUIT! You do not have to be here and the other dedicated, loyal, professional workers (ones who actually stepped up and volunteered to work on days off if others refused to show up and to do so without overtime or premium pay) don't want you here. That is the bottom line. No one is forcing YOU to be here. Don't like it, LEAVE but STOP trying to tear down a good company with an awesome future.
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