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From Long Island, NY — 02/20/2010

I've worked for the company in sales for several years. What I can tell you that what I've read is true, it's no doubt a tough job, however, what the people who wrote below don't seem to understand, is that the potential of income compensates for that. This is not a mickey mouse job, (I'm talking about sales) as a salesperson, you need to convince people to make decisions they may not have originally wanted to do. That's what sets this company apart... a competent sales staff that can guide customers through a purchase, holding the customers hand from beginning to end, in an effort to forge a bond with the customer so that they come back and buy from you in the future when they need something else. It's not an easy job, and if you're good at it, you can make a lot of money. I don't know anyone else that sells microwaves and DVD players that makes the kind of money I make. There is no entitlement, it doesn't matter how many years you've been there, it all boils down to accountability. You need to perform, the pay structure is designed to compensate when you perform well, and doesn't compensate when you don't, which will reward good salespeople, and eventually weed out poor ones. I have seen plenty of good people walk in the doors to work, however, being a good person doesn't always equal good salesperson. I've seen these good people support their families with this job until they've found a better calling in life.
I deal with a lot at work... not a lot of respect from my superiors, answering to superiors who I feel are not as intelligent as me, unprofessional work environment (not the company, but the fellow coworkers), long hours, among other things, but in the end, I'm there to do a job, and if I do my job well, regardless of all the negatives, I'm going to get paid well. I'm ok with that. And don't get me wrong, the whole work environment isn't bad. People need to learn to disregard the negatives, perform your duties well, focus on the positives, which there are plenty with this job besides pay, and everything will fall into line. I've managed to do so for many years with this company and can honestly say I go to work looking forward to it every day (well almost every day hehe)
Sales isn't for everybody, so this job isn't for everybody. There are other jobs out there that don't involve discretion, and for some people those jobs are a better fit. Some people don't get the company's business model... pay for performance... keep costs low, and just pay well for good performance. I've seen this model, paying for performance/accountability through all levels of the company from top to bottom, and it works.
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