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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth1
Work Environment4

From Portland, OR — 11/07/2009

Working as a Newborn Photographer for OUR365 was very fun. Getting to work with babies? GREAT! And every day someone stops you in the hospital and tells you "You have the BEST job!" Well....most days!

Pay: You get commission, but if you don't make your commission, then you fall back to a little over min. wage. They will tell you that you can make X amount of dollars (like any commission job will tell you) but the truth is: This job is for extra or "fun" money...not for paying bills. If you go into it with that attitude, you'll be fine.

Respect: You get no respect from the hospital nurses and little from the current DM of this area, but coworkers were great and previous DMs were also great.

Benefits: The health insurance offered is pretty bad, but it's more than most P/T jobs offer, so I was pretty impressed that there was any at all.

Job Security: Very'd have to do something pretty bad to get fired. They do not let you go for inferior sales or photography skills.

Work/life Balance: Very good, considering it's only a 10-20 hour a week job at the most, but the current DM in this area expects a little too much considering the pay and "weight" of the job, in my opinion.

Career Potential: There is none, unless you want to move up within the company. Considering the DM travel requirements and pay I don't know why anyone would want to do that. It's a small can't expect to move up.

Location: Your local hospital. I like working there.

Co-Worker Competence: Varies widely. There are some that are brilliant and others who, although very nice, are NOT. The company does not seem to care whether you can actually sell or take photos. There is NO training to speak of, so you really can't blame your co-workers for this.

Work Environment: Overall I really like this job. It's frustrating to have the hospital staff treat you poorly sometimes, and the current DM is a source of frustration for everyone...but that is with many jobs, right? The biggest thing is to understand that you are working part time, for fun, for extra spending cash...not as a career or to pay your bills. You are rewarded with commission pay if you sell, which is great, but you have to be happy to do the job for your 'fallback' pay, because some pay periods that is what you will make.
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