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From Canton, MA — 12/03/2007

To be honest, the company seemed like a great place to work - at first! Did my homework, and the organization appeared to be stable (or at least as stable as any other in the current market), growth oriented, with the kind of agressive management style you would expect in a growth oriented environment. The pay and potential bonuses seemed above average, and benefits, work/life balance, respect, etc., were all average to above average for the industry. Then, something "bad" happened...

After only a relatively short tenure with them, the company must have decided that they were expense heavy and decided to close our expansion company, downsizing a significant number of people. Learned later that many more were downsized as well for similar reasons. No indications that this was coming for me - especially after only being on-board for a few months. You would have thought that "someone should have seen this coming" before hiring new employees...

Bottom-line, this could have been a great place to work, but, was never given the opportunity to find that out. No surprise that things change fast in this business, though...

For anyone looking to this (or any) organization as a potential employer, ask ALL the right questions - such as, what are THEIR short and long range plans for growth, and, what kind of stability will exist in your potential position. You may have some great experience and talent to bring to them, but make sure you have some kind of idea how long that may last! Otherwise, you will be finding out much more than you planned about outplacement, job searches, etc...
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