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From Center Valley, PA — 11/28/2008

Although my ratings are mostly positive on the individual items, that doesn't mean that working at Olympus is a great experience. Favoritism is rampant. If you're came down with the New York crew and are a somebody's pet, you're set. I wonder why some people had ultimatums to be in PA by a certain date, yet others (still) have not made the move. It's blatantly obvious that certain people got "deals" for this move, and others didn't. Why do some people get to work from home either occasionally, or even four or five days a week when everybody else has to be in the office every day? This is no exaggeration. Some of those people are conveniently classified as "field employees" when others doing the same job are not. I imagine management thinks we're all that naive?

Salary is decent. But - let this be known - if you were hired when the move was taking place or were on board in Long Island, you will make much more than if you're hired in PA now. Benefits are little more than a joke. You'd think a healthcare company would have upper level benefits. Management openly admitted in a meeting that they're at the 49th percentile. Way to go - let's just shoot for something right in the middle so employees really can't complain, and we can say we are offering average benefits to our employees.

Morale is way down. Why? It all rolls downhill. The president treats *most* of the employees like crap. He doesn't care about them. Again - favorites. Things like requesting the employees take the back hallway during the building dedication so we don't disturb his function...he had dignitaries there. He also requested the employees take a day off (using an FTO day) so parking can be freed up for his guests. What did he take from the employees this year?? Family day...turkey/Thanksgiving voucher (to save the expense and give to the food bank - more on this in a bit), and the holiday party. Now, while giving to the food bank may sound like a noble gesture, it's not because it's a nice thing to do - to help less fortunate people, but more like because it's a write-off. Now - I wouldn't gripe about this if expenses were being cut across the board, but they continue to roll out the red carpet for sales reps (even trainees), managers events, etc.

People who bust their butts to do a good job are not recognized, but those who kiss butt are promoted. Some managers do things like yell at subordinates in open office area - telling employees to "move your ass", etc - without reprimand.

The facility is nice, but it's sort of in the middle of nowhere. Actually, that works out for the president - because now he's got a bunch of captives. If there were more work in the area, people would be lining up to get OUT the door.

In a nutshell - I'm willing to bet that 80% of the people there would take another job at the same pay given another opportunity. I can't/won't recommend friends apply there.
If you're thinking about it, think again. What looks like a great company from the outside is much different inside.
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