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3.3Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth2
Work Environment4

From LA. area, California — 03/19/2008

I worked at Olympus Medical Services for 5 years. it was a great experience, however I had no choice but to move on due to low pay. After 5 years of dedication, all I received was a $3 raised! I know, it sucks! The company believes in career growth, however, it is difficult to step up the ladder. I had several opportunities but somehow it's all about favoritism and who you know in the company.

Pay- it sucks! below average. if your in it for the money, your in the wrong place.
Respect- as for my experience, everyone got along and respected everyone.
Benefits- its great! I had HMO and it's the best out there.
Job Security- decent. if your okay on settling to be on the same position for a long time, the job security is there.
Work/Life- 8 to 5 working hrs and not much overtime which means more time with family and friends. time off: flexible.
Career potential/growth: FORGET IT!!!! they would rather hire a dumb person off the streets than someone who's been with the company and know the in's and out of the product.
Location: For me it was perfect. no traffic to deal with and close enough for me to ride my bicycle to work.
Co-worker Competence: need some work!
Work Environment: Great! everyone is relaxed and not too much stress.
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